Refertil Compost and Biochar project

Erin Rasmussen

Refertil is a project using agricultural by-products to create high quality natural fertilizers for use in farming. It has a strong testing-analytical data-gathering, and they've been creating and optimizing both compost and biochar to develop good zero-emissions alternatives to current agricultural pratices.

The project objectives:

The REFERTIL is an application oriented science and technology development project contributing to the cost efficient transformation of the organic waste streams from the agriculture and food industry. The key objectives of the REFERTIL project are to improve the currently used compost treatment systems and develop zero emission performance biochar industrial production technologies towards safe and economical nutrient recovery process. Beyond the industrial compost and stabile carbon based biochar technology development, the REFERTIL project provides a strong legislation support to the European Commission for the new EU27 fertiliser regulation, and standardization of the compost/biochar technologies and safe products. The compost and biochar policy support work elements will be completed by September 2013.

The REFERTIL Consortium is led by a Swedish SME industrial partner specialised for advanced zero emission pyrolysis and biochar industrial technology development and engineering since decades. The well balanced mixture of farmer and advanced industrial engineering SMEs, industrial and applied research partners, SME stakeholders and representative from the public sector partners are encouraging the development of proactive cooperation between researchers, industry and relevant public sector stakeholders. The SME and industrial engineering knowledge and practical experiences are combined with business oriented research activities, which cross and refertilization is the clear interest and benefit to SMEs.

Ideally they'd like to provide a competitive zero-emissions alternative to current fertilization treatments.

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