Biochar Products Plant

Erin Rasmussen

Helferty, December, 2009

Biochar Products is in the early stages of developing a biochar 10 Dry Ton Per Day biochar plant to be located on the old Ellingson Lumber mill site near Halfway, Oregon.
BioChar Products
PO Box 875
Halfway, OR 97834

Product 1 - BioChar
Carbon Negative
Used as soil amendment
Reduces Greenhouse Gases

Product 2 - Bio-Oil
Used in place of fuel oil
Renewable energy source

Biochar Plant in Ontario, Oregon and Chips are being delivered to Halfway.
Dec 01, 2009
Biochar Products has almost brought the 1 Ton per day biochar plant back to Halfway and is about ready to get it going in the next week or so. We arrived in Ontario about 10:30 Sunday night.
Fortunately for us the weather was very cooperative along the entire route from Ottawa, Canada to Ontario.
The unit is in Ontario with a few ramps being made that can be attached to the side of the trailer so there is enough room to walk around it during operation. These ramps will have to be removed during transport. We hope the plant will arrive in Halfway later this week. With any luck we will have it running for early testing next week. We have several things too hook up and then the plant should be ready to go.
The Forest Service has started delivering specific bags of chips that will be tested individually and will deliver a large batch of 20 tons early next week.
There will be lots of stuff going on that I will try to document. I have a couple of picture of the plant I will post.
We also did get to stop and see a 50 ton plant on the trip and hope to put some pictures up on a new web page on the site as well.

Progress being made on getting 1 Ton Plant running in Halfway
Dec 09, 2009
Yesterday when we went over to test the plant further it was -4F and it took a while to get everything started up.
We worked on testing all the functions of the plant in terms of checking that all the augers were turning and functioning properly. We filled the reservoir of hydraulic fluid but it took about an hour to do because the fluid was too thick to run through the screen in the filler spout to the tank even after we heated the fluid so it would run through the funnel it had to be run in slowly.
We managed to get everything running just fine except one problem that is still preventing us from fully testing the biochar reactor. That problem is that there is an amount of water in the pump that pumps the biooil through the cooling unit. It is frozen so we were unable to start and run the reactor.
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