Swiss-Biochar Industrial Biochar plant in Europe

Erin Rasmussen

Swiss-Biochar Swiss-Biochar GmbH

The biochar is produced from urban lop, grape pomace, wood, miscanthus and other suitable biomasse. The biochar production is guaranteed climate-positive and free from eco-toxicological substances. The high quality biomasses are pyrolysed at 400 to 450°C to come up with particularly effective microporosity of the biochar. It is recommended to activate the biochar with ripe compost at a volume ratio of 1:1 until 1:2. We recommend the application of 10 tonnes of biochar per hectare or 1 kilogram per square meter.

For more information please contact:
Swiss Biochar,
La Coulette 5, 1092 Belmont sur Lausanne,

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