RDF (and biomass waste) Carbonizing System

Tom Miles

RDF (and biomass waste) Carbonizing System
Environmental Solutions Center, JFE Holdings, Inc., Tokyo, Japan

In recent years, attention has focused on methods for creating refuse derived fuel(RDF) as a way to make efficient use (thermal recycling) of the thermal energy generated from urban waste.The RDF carbonizing system was developed with the aim of expanding use of the RDF method. This system is designed to use the partial oxidization or dry distillation techniques to produce carbonized material (JFE eco carbon) for use in the process of steel-making. Technology for utilizing carbonized material outside of steel refiners is currently under development. Applications include carbon as substitutes for wood charcoal and activated charcoal, for soil improvement applications and for purifying rivers. The RDF Carbonizing system utilizes a rocker type furnace for carbonizing at high temperatures of 800? or over. Steam generated using dry distillation gas can be used for activating the carbon materials.

Environmental Solutions Center, JFE Holdings, Inc.
1-1-2, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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