JF Biocarbon

JF Biocarbon developed a portable pyrolysis unit for demonstration purposes, as well as larger pyrolyzers that convert beetle killed wood into biochar and bio-oils. See the attached presentation for details.

From the detail

  • JF BioCarbon will enhance and promote faster growth for newly planted seedlings thus making for stronger start to a new forest.
  • This will also speed up reforestation in beetle effected areas.
  • Charcoal in soil also acts as a carbon sink and can qualify for carbon credits.
  • This has been proven by soil scientists. (see Terra Preta & biochar)
  • Using charcoal in soil will also minimize the need for engineered fertilizer.

JF BioCarbon Systems LTD has licensed his technology to Dia Carbon BioEnergy ( http://www.diacarbon.com/ )

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