Floating char
Max Henderson, Australia, July 27, 2008
Floating Char
Floating Char

8 Weeks Floating Char
8 Weeks Floating Char

Couple of photos 6 weeks apart. Bucket is 20 litres. Added
to the water has been some pee, cow poo and a tablespoon of molasses.
First photo was 2 weeks after adding the char, second is 6
weeks later.

Approx 80% of the char has now sunk. The rest looks like sinking in another fortnight.
The sunken char is much easier to break (in one hand) than the material still in dry storage.


Max Henderson, June 15, 2008

Floating Char
Floating Char

More Trial Data With Explanatory Photos
Max Henderson May 26, 2008
Kiln ExternalKiln External
Kiln Fire Under DrumKiln Fire Under Drum

First is from the front of the kiln just after the fire was lit and before bricks were added across the front. The drum lid is held in place with an over-centre clamp. The side and rear bricks have been moved in to touch the drum to improve insulation.

More Trials
Max Henderson,May 12, 2008

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On the Practical Side
Max Henderson, SE Queensland, Australia, April 19, 2008
Cooran char bed finished 031608
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