Brick kiln

Charcoal production for carbon sequestration (1.1 mb pdf)
Gustan Pari, Djeni Hendra, Dadang Setiawan, Mahpudin Saepuloh, Salim Soleh, Mad Ali (Forest Products Technology Research and Development Center) and Kiyoshi Miyakuni, Nobuo Ishibashi(Japan International Cooperation Agency) April 2004
Demonstration Study on Carbon Fixing Forest Management in Indonesia

traditional beehive kiln
advanced beehive kiln

Advanced Brazilian Beehive Kiln
Ken Newcomber, Katoomba Working Group, Rio de Janerio, Brazil 2001

Traditional Brazilian Brick Beehive Kiln Used in about 90% of Brazilian Charcoal operations
About 4m3 wood for 1m3 Charcoal

Improved Brazilian Brick Kiln: < 2m3 wood to 1m3 Charcoal

Advanced Brazilian Beehive Kiln
Collects Tars and Pyrolytic Oils in smoke –
minimizes local air pollution. Efficiency: Better than
2m3 Wood per m3 charcoal
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