Casmance Kiln

Benjamin Domingo, Argentian, April 29, 2008


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Agrichar Video
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2007

Video on Agrichar, International Agrichar Initiative conference (April 2007), BEST Technologies, and use of agrichar in Australia.



Simple charcoal kiln
Folke Gunther, April 24, 2008

A wonderfully simple method for making charcoal at home or on the allotment.



There is a wide demand for charcoal kilns to be used by anybody having an allotment or garden sized plot. The idea of making char of surplus biomass instead of firing it is widely spread in Latin America (and Japan?). Burning the pyrolysis gasses instead of emitting them makes the method comparatively safe, although not efficient regarding their potential utilisation of gasses.

I agree that his is a very small scale method, bu imagine 2 billion people having it, making 1 kg char a week for their lots. That would imply about 0.1 Gt annually, or 5% of what would be necessary to sequester for making a change.

Naturally, this is not the method to save the world from entering a tipping point, but it could well be of some help.

Pyrolysis Reactor Tower Assembly
Sean Barry, April 21, 2008

I assembled the Pyrolysis Reactor Tower today. I had it fabricated over the winter.



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On the Practical Side
Max Henderson, SE Queensland, Australia, April 19, 2008
Cooran char bed finished 031608
(Select photo to enlarge)

Dear All,

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Jim Hansen on our side
Folke Gunther, April 15, 2008

In a recent letter (yesterday), Jim Hansen says:
There is tremendous potential for reducing atmospheric CO2 via reduction of deforestation, improved forestry practices, and improved agricultural practices that increase carbon storage in the soil. If governments were to encourage such practices, rather than the converse, and if coal use were phased out except where the CO2 is captured, it would be possible to literally roll back the net human-made climate forcing to levels below those defining critical tipping points.
We must remember, at the same time, that the ability of the principal CO2 sink, the ocean, to soak up human-made emissions is limited and slow (Figure 1). If we burn most of the available coal (Figure 3) without CO2 capture, even with the lowest estimates of available coal reserves, it will be impractical if not impossible to avoid passing climate tipping points with disastrous consequences.
(My italics)

Sewage Sludge Charcoal
Michael Antal,University of Hawaii, April 2008
Sewage Sludge Charcoal
Sewage Sludge Charcoal

I am pleased and somewhat surprised to report that raw sewage sludge is a good feedstock for charcoal production. Details are available on the HNEI website below.
Flash Carbonization

Regards, Michael.

Michael J. Antal, Jr.
Coral Industries Distinguished Professor of Renewable Energy Resources
Hawaii Natural Energy Institute
POST 109, 1680 East-West Rd.
Honolulu, HI 96822

phone: 808/956-7267
fax: 808/956-2336


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Sewage Sludge and The HEAP Trap
Folke Gunther, April 12, 2008

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Improving wheat production with deep banded Oil Mallee Charcoal in Western Australia
Paul Blackwell1, Syd Shea2, Paul Storer3, Zakaria Solaiman4, Mike Kerkmans5, and Ian Stanley6
Agchar Initiative Conference Terrigal New South Wales. April 29 - May 2, 2007

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Jatta Charcoal Retort, The Gambia
Bakary Jatta, Bwiam Villiage, The Gambia, March 27,2008
Jatta RetortJatta Retort

My retort is in my back yard. It is a drum with a fairly tight lid and a piece of pipe letting volatile gasses take over the initial firing in the firebox underneath. The drum is enclosed in a rock and soil and lime plaster wall. For a quick start I surrounded the drum with small branches or crop waste before covering the top with a scrap iron sheet with a gap for smoke to escape in the beginning. The drum costs money, the rest is labor.


A recent report by postgraduate researcher at Swansea University, Dominic Woolf, is now available online:

Biochar as a Soil Amendment - A review of the Environmental Implications (pdf)


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Using Torrefied Wood for Electricity and Pellet Production in South Carolina
Chris Hopkins, NCSU, and Agritech Producers LLC, February 25, 2008

Presentation to the South Carolina Biomass Council
Description of mobile torrefaction program at NCSU.

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Process for converting ligneous matter of vegetable origin by torrefaction, and product obtained thereby
United States Patent 4553978
Link to this page:

The present invention relates to a process for converting ligneous matter of vegetable origin by torrefaction, and to the product obtained. Wood or any other ligneous matter is subjected in a neutral atmosphere to a treatment of torrefaction at a temperature of between 200short url link | Men’s shoes


Carbon sequestration for everybody: decrease atmospheric carbon dioxide, earn money and improve the soil
Folke Gunther, Submitted to Energy and Environment, 2007-03-27

The easiest way to sequester atmospheric carbon dioxide is to convert plant biomass into charcoal
and bury it in agricultural land. Doing this will open a new way for farmers and laymen to earn
money (from carbon sequestration funds) and improve land fertility. It is also a way to avoid
nutrient loss from land to sea.March 27, 2007

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Charcoal, Agriculture and Climate Change
Richard Haard, Ph. D, Fourth Corner Nursery, Spring Catalog, March 10, 2008

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Torrefaction for entrained-flow gasification of biomass
P.C.A. Bergman, A.R. Boersma, J.H.A. Kiel, M.J. Prins, K.J. Ptasinski, F.J.J.G. Janssen, ECN, Netherlands, ECN-C--05-067,

A major technical obstacle in entrained-flow gasification of biomass concerns the size reduction and the subsequent pneumatic transport of the biomass powder. The fibrous structure of fresh biomass makes it very difficult and costly to reduce its particle size down to below 500 microns.

Torrefaction, a thermal treatment of biomass in the temperature range of 200 Best Nike Sneakers | NIKE Patike AIR MAX 90 SURPLUS CQ7743-200 , Idae


Torrified Wood
James R. Arcate, Transnational Technology LLC,, March 10,2008



The university of Campinas in Brazil and the company Bioware ( are producing torrefied briquettes ina 200-300 kg/h pilot facility:

Contact :Felix Fonseca Felfi.


Netherlands: Topell

NewEarth Renewable Energy Inc.


Processing Equipment


Bamboo-based Charcoal Production
National Mission on Bamboo Applications, InfoSheet IS 03 09/05, India

Charcoal made from bamboo finds ready uses and markets. It has been made for thousands of years in pits and even shallow depressions. Specially designed brick kilns, developed and tested by the National Mission on Bamboo Applications (NMBA), provide an opportunity to make high-quality charcoal from bamboo in an efficient, safe and reliable manner.

National Mission on Bamboo Applications (NMBA)
Vishwakarma Bhawan, Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg
New Delhi 110 016, India
Telephone 91-11-26566778 Fax 91-11-26962267
Website www.bambootech.orgRunning Sneakers Store | Nike Little Posite Pro USA CZ2520-600 Release Date - SBD


Carbon dioxide, deciding for our future
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Country: - A New Website for the Promotion of Biochar Research and Experimentation
Chris Braun. February 27, 2008

A new website for the promotion of biochar research and experiments was born !

You can there discover several biochar-related projects, most of them still in active development . If you are performing biochar soil amendmend trials yourself, your contribution to CharDB or to the Field Trial Portal would be highly appreciated!
And if you haven't done it so far but would like to start experimenting, you can also find useful resources, links and contacts to help you.

This website is still in its infancy and any constructive comment, critic, question, advice... is very important for further development ! For that you can use the devoted forum:

Thanks for your contribution!

Restoring soil carbon can reverse global warming
Erich J. Knight, February 21, 2008

Here is a strait forward conversion of the impact of building soil organic material (SOM) on ppm of GHGs using just marginal land.

Tony Lovell of Soil Carbon P/L in Australia estimates that by actively supporting regrowth of vegetation in damaged ecosystems, billions of tons of carbon dioxide can be sequestered from the atmosphere.

"Determining how much carbon dioxide (CO2) can physically be consumed from the atmosphere?


Effects of mycorrhizal fungi and biochar 90 Days

Robert Flanagan, Hangzhou Sustainable Agricultural Food & Fuel Enterprise Co., Ltd. (SAFFE), February 15, 2008

Day 90Day 90

Hey Guys, Just got to 90days of my latest biochar trial and wanted some feedback on what data you think I should be taking from this trial? We can clean off the roots and photo as much as possible and do clearly marked side by side photos.

I don't have any funding for this trials so there is a limit on the depth I can go regarding data collection so I'm really looking for a base list. The medium was sterilized subsoil and we used 2Kg soil per tray with three reps of each treatment (I just took the average of each treatment for the attached photo).

Kind Regards, Rob.

Robert Flanagan
Chairman & President Hangzhou Sustainable Agricultural Food & Fuel Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Skype "saffechina"

Tel: 86-571-881-850-67 Cell: 86-130-189-959-57


Modified BiocharModified Biochar


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