Presentations from the International Agrichar Initiative
International Agrichar Initiative 2007 Conference, Terrigal, Australia, April 29 - May 2, 2007

Monday, April 30, 2007: Conference Day 1

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Soils offer new hope as carbon sink
NSW Department of Primary Industries: Science and Research, Australia, Wollongbar Agricultural Institute, 31 May 2007
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Fourth USDA Greenhouse Gas Conference: Positioning Agriculture and Forestry to Meet the Challenges of Climate Change
February 6 - 8, 2007 - Baltimore Marriott Camden Yards, Baltimore, Maryland

Conference Program

13: Soil Carbon: Part I - Interactive Discussion


Australian developed technology wins United Nations World Environment Day Award


Bio-energy in the Black
Johannes Lehmann, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 2007

Slash and Char as Alternative to Slash and Burn: soil charcoal amendments maintain soil fertility and establish a carbon sink
Christoph Steiner, Summary of Dissertation, Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Geosciences University of Bayreuth, Germany, Institute of Soil Science and Soil Geography, University of Bayreuth, D-95440 Bayreuth, Germany (email:




Poster Presentations from IAI Conference Now Available Online
International Agrichar Initiative 2007 Conference April 29 - May 2, 2007


*Joseph, S., A. Downie, J. Lehmann: Classification of Chars for Agricultural Use
*Novotny, E.H. et al.: NMR Characterization of BiofineBest jordan Sneakers | nike sb and 6.0 merge in word problems 97 Featured in Pink and Cream - Wpadc

Mallee Charcoal: part of a beneficial cycle?
Western Mineral Fertilisers, Australia April 2007

Mallee charcoal

Mallee Charcoal

See presentation: Blackwell P, Shea S, Storer P, Kerkmans M, Stanley I: Improving wheat production with deep banded Oil Mallee charcoal in WA


Terra Preta Magic Soil of the Lost Amazon
Allan Balliett, February 2007 as presented in TERRA, The Earth Renewal and Restoration Alliance

Nicely presented and illustrated version of Baillet's review by David Yarrow, webmaster.

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Charcoal from Comets, Asteroids and Wildfires
Tom Miles, May 28, 2007

There is speculation that pockets of charcoal that resulted in enriched soil came variously from comets and asteroids and resulting wildfires, as well as intentional burning. The latest comet event has been reported as 12,900 years ago in North America. See Science Daily:
Did A Comet Hit Great Lakes Region, Fragment Human Populations, 12,900 Years Ago? May 23, 2007

and National Geographic News:
Comet Wiped Out Early North American Culture, Animals, Study Says May 23,2007

Potential extraterrestrial causes of terra preta formation are discussed in the literature from Cornell University and elsewhere. It has also been debated on the Hypography Science Forum.


Soil Analysis: Interpreting a Soil Test for lawns
John R. Street, Maurice E. Watson, William E. Pound, Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet, HYG-4028

Factsheet. This publication will help you interpret the recommendations provided by The Ohio State University's soil testing laboratory. The facility is termed the Research Extension Analytical Lab (R.E.A.L.) and is an important facility for testing lawn soils.

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Introduction to Soil Science
T.S. Tollefson, University of Saskatchewan, CA SCSR Open Courseware 41/240

This course is designed for students in the Diploma in Agriculture program and first and second year students in the B.S.A. program. Graduate students in the Soil Science may also find the course useful background for their qualifying or comprehensive exams.


JFBiocarbon Pot Tests May 16, 2007
John Flottvik, JFBiocarbon, May 16, 2007
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Special Report: Inspired by Ancient Amazonians, a Plan to Convert Trash into Environmental Treasure
Anne Casselman, Scientific, In Focus May 15, 2007

New bill in U.S. Senate will advocate adoption of "agrichar" method that could lessen our dependence on fossil fuel and help avert global warming

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Amazing Carbon: Managing the Carbon Cycle, Katanning, Western Australia (21-22 March 2007)
Australian Soil Carbon Accreditation Scheme (ASCAS)


Ray O

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Sustainable Agriculture Education Association(SAEA): Facilitating Sustainable Agriculture Education July 11-14, 2007
Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Sustainable Agriculture Education Association: SAEA

Join us in Ithaca to celebrate the foundation of the SAEA and to help set our new organization in motion! Watch for our announcement of the time and place for the launch party and first official organizing meeting - two big events in one!


Simpler Way To Counter Global Warming Explained: Lock Up Carbon In Soil And Use Bioenergy Exhaust Gases For Energy
Science Daily News, May 12, 2007

Writing in the journal Nature, a Cornell biogeochemist describes an economical and efficient way to help offset global warming: Pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere by charring, or partially burning, trees, grasses or crop residues without the use of oxygen.


Commentary: A Handful of Carbon
Johannes Lehmann in Nature Magazine, Vol 447, 10 May 2007

Locking carbon up in soil makes more sense than storing it in plants and trees that eventually decompose, argues Johannes Lehmann. Can this idea work on a large scale?

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Barry Batchelor, Australia May 2007

This is a brand new website to showcase Organic Biochar development.

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Images of Pyrolysed Biocarbons (PBCs) and Dielectric relaxation of water adsorbed on wood and charcoal
Alfred Harris to Stephen Joseph, BEST Energies, May 8, 2007

SEM Image 21.1b.1 Charcoal to right

Macademia Shells


Charcoal Experimental Plots
Rich Haard and Larry Williams at Fourth Corner Nurseries, Bellingham, Washington, May 6, 2007


India: Making Charcoal from Prosopis Juliflora
N. Sai Bhaskar Reddy, India April 30, 2007
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